E3 2023 will be held in June 2023 on both offline and online. Produced by companies that handle large events such as PAX

The American Game Industry Association ESA (Entertainment Software Association) will be on July 7, local time on the game event E3 (Electronic Entertainment EXPO) in an offline and online hybrid format in 2023. It was announced that it will be held in two weeks. In addition to the event media management company ReedPop, it was also revealed that the company would be involved in the operation.

E3 is the world’s largest game event. Every year, the Los Angeles Convention Center in the United States is the venue, and game manufacturers around the world exhibit. Originally, it was a trade fair for industry officials, but in recent years it has been open to ordinary gamers. In conjunction with the event, a press conference of a major publisher will be held, and new works and features of attention titles will be reported one after another.

However, due to the expansion of the new colon virus infection, the event was canceled in 2020. The following year 2021 was held as the first online event as E3, but this year 2022 was completely canceled. At that time, ESA commented that the energy and resources of the organization would be concentrated on E3, which will be held on both online and offline in the summer of 2023. And this time, it was announced that it will be held as announced.

The E3 2023 is in charge of the event media management company, ReedPop. ReedPop is a company that has a large event such as PAX (Penny Arcade EXPO), New York Comic Con, Star Wars Celebration, and has many game media. ESA’s CEO STANLEY PIERRE-LOUIS commented that REEDPOP is a global leader in the operation of pop culture events, and has a deep understanding of the game industry. It seems that he has decided to entrust the E3 to the experienced company.

On the other hand, ReedPop’s president Lance Fensterman states that E3 2023 will build a world-class event for the global game industry in a new and wider way than any other events we have been working on with ESA support. 。 Global Vice President KYLE MARSDEN-KISH has listened to the voices of the game community around the world for many years, and has learned. In E3 2023, he said that while following the successes, the parts that did not work were rebuilt and will be an event that will be a benchmark for the future.


Since 2020, when the influence of the new colon virus has been widened, many online events will be held in the difficulties of holding offline events. The flow of direct information to gamers around the world has become established. In such a situation, the presence of E3 is declining. In the first place, before the Corona evil, EA and SIE had no exhibition and turned to their own events, and ESA was required to change the way of events. The use of REEDPOP, which has a wealth of experience in events close to the community, may have this background.

E3 2023 will be held in the second week of June 2023.

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