Corona 19 New Confirmation of 1,59… 10,000 units for 2 consecutive days

Corona 19 new confirmers recorded 10,000 units for two consecutive days. In addition, overseas inflows are also increasing, with three confirmed people in China.

According to the Central Response Countermeasures Headquarters, the Corona 19 new confirmed candidates were 9,868 in Korea (8,938.7 people in the last week) and 191 overseas inflows. As a result, the total cumulative number of confirmed confirmed increased to 1838,611 (35,762 overseas).

Among the new confirmed domestic confirmation, high-risk groups aged 60 or older were 1,417 (14.4%), and 28 (20.3%) of 18 years old. By region, 5,590 people (56.6%) in the metropolitan area and 4,278 (43.4%) in the non-capital area were occurred.

The number of overseas inflow confirmed (113 Koreans and 78 foreigners) was confirmed in the quarantine stage. By region, there are 93 Asians (3 Chinese), 49 Europeans, 37 Americans, 9 Oceania, and 3 Africa.


Among the resources, there are 53 patients with mirage and 65 new inpatients. The number of deaths increased by 8 people, with a cumulative death of 24,570 (mortality rate 0.13%)

Yesterday, the number of new home treatments was 12,23 (5,814 in the metropolitan area and 4,409 non-capital regions). Among them, there are 2,164 intensive care groups.

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