Nexon Project MOD- Like a Proni-Director , Training Partnership

Nexon Co., Ltd. (CEO Lee Jung-heon) announced on the 28th that it has joined hands with the global programming education brand, ‘Like a Dynasty Director’ (CEO Lee Doo-hee) as the first official education partner in its contents production and service platform ‘Project MOD’.

Through this partnership, the two companies plan to carry out various collaboration programs to revitalize the production of ‘Project MOD’ based on the production of ‘Project MOD’.

First of all, as part of the first collaboration, the Project MOD X Supporters Hackathon 2022 will be held for members of the university. Hackathon participants will be given a task of producing the content on the ‘Project MOD’ platform.

In addition, the members of the ‘like a fashion leader’ will showcase various educational contents in the second half of this year so that members can use ‘Project MOD’ to improve their understanding of programming and produce quality contents. In addition, in October, the company plans to carry out a large Super Hackathon that will release content at Project MOD.

Lee Doo-hee, CEO of ‘Like a Fashion Loss’, said, I am happy to be able to create hackathons and classes for prospective creators who want to grow in the game industry with Nexon. I will try to create a class.

Nexon’s vice president of Kim Dae-wyong said, We expect to showcase excellent programs with the educational know-how of like a navy lion. I hope that college students who dream of developers will realize the fun of creating content through Project MOD.

Meanwhile, ‘Project MOD’ is a next-generation content production platform that utilizes the vast resources and UGC of its popular IP ‘Maple Story’. Nexon plans to provide ‘Project MOD’ in the global market, including Korea.


For more information about ‘Project MOD’, please visit the official site.

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