Artist talks about the animation of the sixth season of My Hero Academia

A few days ago the fans had the opportunity to take a first look at the animation of the sixth season of my hero academy, since toho animation liberated his first advance. However, this has been just a small proven of something much bigger, since one of its artists confirms to fans that this video is absolutely nothing.

The update comes from Facebook , since the animator Jason Yao L or published on his page after the progress of the sixth season was launched. It was there that the artist shared a clip of this popular anime and assured the followers that there are more animation benefits waiting for this fall, thus causing much illusion among all.

For interested people, Jason Yao said that God level sakugas are not shown in the trailer, wait for anime.

It is worth noting that this new batch of chapters will arrive until next October, which is why fans of my hero academy are at the edge of the seats for any news. The saga that will adapt on this occasion is the definitive war between heroes and villains, a battle in which some secondary characters will be lost.

In news related to the world of anime. Finally, it has been confirmed to the study that will be in charge of the animation of the _astro boy, is currently a fairly recognized worldwide. If you want to know who we are talking about, we invite you to click on the following link.

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