As always to win in 2048 – strategies to win exactly in 2048

2048-one of the most famous head-heading games on a mobile platform. Unlike other puzzles for difficult purposes, the only goal of the game is to combine tiles containing even numbers to form the final tiles with the number of 2048. Although this may seem simple, you need to well understand Movement of the headlines minimum Accident accidentally The appearance and also Fillation of strategies win at least one match. So, if you are a beginner and are still looking for your first victory, continue to read the strategy guide.

tips and tricks to win in 2048

Stop up *: on the advice of several veterans, the most effective tactic for victory is to never combine or move tiles, running a finger in the direction to the north / up. This specific strategy allows players to collect more and more numbers in the lower part of the screen, facilitating the merger of such large numbers at the end of the game.
The ascending arrangement of the tiles *: it makes no sense to collect all random large numbers in the lower part of the screen, if there is no location template. The best way to sort it is in an increase in order, as shown in the image below.

The above location allows you to consistently combine all the largest numbers after receiving trigger tiles.

S! *: Make a finger in the direction opposite to the previous movement. For example, if you moved the tiles to the left of the screen to your last move. Plan such a move that will move all your titles to the right side of the screen. The main reason for this technique is to balance the movement of the headings.
The titles of orphans *: If you do not follow the methods of leafing described above, you will receive a lot of lost numbers. Elijoen headings are separate headlines with a small number located between two titles with a large number. They are difficult to unite and get rid of them at the end of the game. Determine such titles at an early stage and combine them with a suitable course.

Understanding Tile Spawn *: Try to understand when and where a new title may appear in accordance with your game field. This is a difficult task, but you can acquire the skill over time, constantly playing.
The cancellation button : Many novice players do not know that the game can cancel your last move. Use the cancellation button in the upper right corner to make an accurate correct move.
Visualization : Always visualize your next step in the head or on paper before making it. This allows you to determine several options for the current situation and choose the best of them.
* Take a break : We know that the game can cause stress with new players trying to win the first victory. Take a break and continue the game in your free time.

Remember that all the above strategies and tips are focused on the deflection of the default card 4*4.

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