Shinji Hashimoto rejoint Sony Music Entertainment

_ I fire a brand-new web page, in a manner of speaking, however it might take a little time before I can show you what I function in these new roles. When the time comes, I will certainly not fail to do The point with you all _, released Shinji Hashimoto on Twitter.

It is a function of senior professional who awaits Shinji Hashimoto in the context of this brand-new cooperation, also if his message does not state exactly in which areas the 64-year-old veteran will certainly share his experience. In addition to music, Sony Music Entertainment is certainly energetic worldwide of Japanese animation and also computer game, whether by Aniplex (Demon Killer: The Hinokami Chronicles) or Lasengle (Fate/Grand Order), workshop led by a Some Yoshinori Ono.


The Ehpad will wait a little bit much longer for Shinji Hashimoto. As quickly as his adventure is do with Square Enix after 28 years of collaboration, the former manufacturer of the franchise business Last Dream and Kingdom Hearts rejects to leave energetic life and also bounces at Sony Music Entertainment.

Whatever happens, Shinji Hashimoto stays touching video clip games considering that he likewise signed up with the Fordwardworks board of directors. Originally founded as a subsidiary of Sony Interactive Home Entertainment in 2016, this studio finally joined Sony Music Entertainment in 2021 and cares for the mobile games Minna No Golf and also Disgaea RPG.

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