Netflix Cuphead Animation New Season, August 19th

The new season of Netflix ‘Cuphead’ animation, which was aired in February this year and was well received, will be aired on August 19.


Netflix is a ‘Cuphead Show’, which is aired in August through the Netflix Gigd Week Showcase on the 11th! Season 2 ‘The notice video was released. This season, he will show the story of Cuphead and Mugman Brothers. Through the video, you can see the main characters of the existing characters such as Coprind, Miss Challenge, and King Dice.

Cuphead show! Season 1 is the original game graphics and characters, but the story consists of an omnibus format where brothers meet different events each time. Season 2, which will be aired in August, will be presented first of 15 minutes, and 12 more will be added. Compared to the previous season, the number of episodes has doubled.

Meanwhile, new content will soon be added to the cuphead game. The new DLC Delitives Last Course will be released on June 30, where cupheads and mugman meet with Miss Challenge and adventure on a new island. In particular, Miss Charis is added as a playable character, and if you acquire the character, it can be used in the main story of the DLC and the Cuphead.

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