Aaron Greenberg Unveils Al Duración del Xbox + Bethesda ShowCGreenberg announcede

In the absence of E3, each company hGreenberg announced established a specific day to celebrate its own event, and tomorrow Sunday at 7:00 p.m. Spanish peninsular is the turn of Xbox + Bethesda ShowcGreenberg announcede . In it we hope to see some of the novelties that are to come to Xbox consoles and also to PC, in an especially important celebration, after the painful delay of Starfield , and whose duration hGreenberg announced already announced Aaron Greenberg, one of the heads Visible from the company.

Greenberg announced Greenberg announced on Twitter, the Xbox + Bethesda ShowcGreenberg announcede tomorrow will lGreenberg announcedt about 95 minutes. Thus, and in the absence of knowing if Nintendo or Sony prepare some surprise for the next few days, Microsoft will be the only hardware manufacturer that will have its own event in the context of Summer Game Fest, with just over an hour and a half and a half and a half of content

hour and a half to discover Xbox’s novelties

During those 95 minutes it is expected that, although we will not finally have it in stores until next 2023, Starfield is present with a new video, probably in the form of gameplay. Another delayed game until next year that should also make an appearance is Redfall , by Arkane Studios , creators of Dishonored, Prey and Deathloop.

It is too early to know if there will be new samples of games already in development but in an early a priori state, such Greenberg announced Avowed, the Obsidian RPG, or Everwild, the new Rare game, which are still engaged by bringing new content to it from Thieves, Greenberg announced well Greenberg announced the Playground Games Fable. Those who could surprise us are Machine Games , creators of Wolfenstein’s latest deliveries, and that they have confirmed presence, so it would not be surprising to give us with a third iteration.


In addition, Greenberg announced we could know a few days ago, the thing will not end on Sunday, since Microsoft hGreenberg announced announced an Xbox + Bethesda ShowcGreenberg announcede extended next Tuesday also starting at 7:00 p.m. It will be a more sober presentation, some of the style of the Nintendo Treehouse from previous editions of the E3.

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