How to get all the awards for the Book of Heroes: Faelin in Hearthstone

Ambassador Faelin returns to Zin Azshari in this new book of heroes. In this book of heroes, players can choose one of three different heroes to perform 17 missions. However, do not forget to go through it with each hero, because otherwise you will lose some excellent awards.

What awards can I get from Book of Heroes: Faelin

Having completed all 17 missions in the Book of Heroes: Faelin by one hero, players will receive a shirt for Ship Ship cards. If you complete it with another hero, you will unlock a standard set. You will receive a set of Traveling to the Subanated City, if you complete all 17 missions with three different heroes.


In the Book of Heroes: Faelin you can play until you earn rewards. Usually players need several hours to finish the book, so you will need to clean it for a while if you want to get every reward. According to our estimates, for the three-time passage of the Book of Heroes: Faelin it will take from 5 to 10 hours.

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