CUPHEAD new character Miss Charles is released overseas -Xbox/Switch appeared

Power A, which manufactures and sells accessories such as video games controllers, designs a new character Miss Charles with the release of CUPHEAD-THE DELICIOUS LAST COURSE paid DLC for CupHead . We announced the controller.

Regarding Miss Charles, Nintendo Direct 2022.2.10 was released as a follow-up of the paid DLC Cuphead-the Delicious Last Course, revealing that two-stage jumps and rolling were possible. 。 The new controller is designed with Miss Charles, with two types of coloring that matches her, for Xbox and Nintendo Switch.

Controllers designed CupHead are on sale overseas. The price is $ 39.99 for Xbox controllers, and $ 54.99 for Nintendo Switch for wireless. In addition, the DLC Cuphead-The Delicious Last Course will be released on June 30, 2022.

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