Is League of Legends Bel’Veth as strong as he seems?

Riot Games has taken the last significant step in bringing Bel’Veth to League of Legends. After the succession of advances throughout the past weekend, the developer has carried out the official presentation of the champion’s abilities. A complete explanation in which the developer has clarified all the details of what will be one of the most complex new characters that have come to the video game in recent years. Cooldown resets, lots of passive abilities, and infinite attack speed scaling are pretty cool.

Bel’Veth abilities
Before we continue with his abilities, it should be remembered that Bel’Veth will be released in the upcoming 12.11 patch. According to the official Riot Games update schedule, this will arrive on June 8, so the character is expected to land on that same date. Also, it’s important to note that he will be playing in the jungle position and that he is not the only monster coming to League of Legends over the next 12 months.

Passive – Death in Lavender
After using an ability, Bel’Veth’s subsequent two basic attacks have increased attack speed. When Bel’Veth kills a giant monster or champion, he gains permanent stacks of attack speed. This character can attack much faster than the others, as there is no limit to his scaling. However, his attacks and on-hit effects have reduced damage, and he does not gain any buffs to this stat per level.

Q – Void Surge
Four diagonal arrows surround Bel’Veth, and upon activating the ability, she can dash in any active direction. Each direction has its cooldown, which decreases with attack speed.

W – Up and Down
The champion slams her tail against the ground to deal damage, knockback, and slow enemies hit. If an enemy champion is beaten, Q’s cooldown is reduced in the direction she was shot.

E – Royal Vorágine
Bel’Veth channels a storm around him. Each beam affects the lowest health enemy within the area of ​​effect, dealing more damage the lower their health points are. The number of damage procs increases with attack speed. You take minor damage and have an increased lifestyle during the duration.

R – Infinite Banquet
Passive: Every second attack against the same enemy deals bonus actual damage, stacking indefinitely. Also, killing an epic monster or champion allows us to avoid coral. Void epic monsters grant a notable drop.

Active: Bel’Veth consumes a piece of coral from the void and explodes, slowing enemies and dealing actual damage based on the opponents remaining health. In doing so, he releases his proper form. Consuming void corals dropped by void monsters for the duration of this ability increases its time and turns minions killed by Bel’Veth into creatures that push the lane they were spawned on.
Proper Form: Increases maximum health, movement speed out of combat, attack range, and attack speed. Also, he can go through walls with Q.

Is Bel’Veth as powerful as it seems?
It’s normal to be scared by what we know about Bel’Veth. The champion has a few compelling, unique mechanics, among which her ability to attack enemies once she is in melee stands out. If she achieves her goal, the truth is that she will be one of the most destructive champions to ever step on Summoner’s Rift. Attack speed is a compelling stat that doesn’t give opponents many chances, especially when you consider that thanks to her Q (Void Surge), the champion won’t let the enemies she hits escape.

However, there are several problems that those who want to use the new character will encounter. The first is that getting to the opponents won’t be as easy as it seems all the videos shown so far indicate that the Q range will not be too high. The second, and one that you will hardly be able to solve, is that hitting more also activates the reflected damage passives many times. We can’t wait to see the first few times Bel’Veth takes on Rammus or Thornmail and hurts herself.

Generally speaking, it also seems like a lot of his power is contained in a lot of late-game scaling and the use of his R (Infinite Banquet). This ability is the one that will give the champion the necessary statistics to fight and the ability to get resets that increase her durability in combat and the damage done. Overall, she has a great combo with endless possibilities. She will be challenging to control, but it will undoubtedly be worth it.

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