EA apparently with more than 200 layoffs in customer support

The separation from FIFA as a name and license partner has already been confirmed from Electronic Arts (EA) that further changes could follow. According to the online magazine “Kotaku”, the publisher strives to restructure personnel that should go hand in hand with more than 200 layoffs.

These dismissals probably affect the EA branch offices in Austin and the Irish Galway, where customer support is operated for Europe. Thematically, the apparently painted areas should be related to FIFA 22. In the future, the players could be supported by third -party companies from Romania and India.

“Changes to our customer support function”

“Kotaku” wants to obtain his information from EA internal emails, but also caught up with statements. “We always think about how we can improve our gaming experience. And that also includes checking how we can best offer you the support you need,” Charles Fortescue is quoted.

The EA spokesman confirmed that “against this background to have some changes in our customer support function”, “to” offer more flexibility “. Therefore, the developer is considering “changing a number of roles within the team, closing some roles and also creating new ones”.

Connection to the FIFA license negated

Fortescue is also said to have clarified that the employees would work closely with the employees – support should be provided to those who are affected. Contrary to this representation, “Kotaku” relies on an employee in Galway who reports on a 15-minute zoom meeting.

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The workforce was apparently not allowed to ask any questions that the announcement was “a shock”. According to “Kotaku”, the informants suggested that the decision could be related to financial aspects. In Austin and Galway, there is said to have been repeatedly complained about insufficient salary increases.

An unniapled EA representative negated that there is a connection between the outsourcing measure and the loss of the FIFA license: “The changes in our customer support function are neither tied to a player franchise nor are they related to our EA Sports FC announcement. “

strives for sales or merger?

In addition, a report that is uncommented by the publisher is circulating, EA either working on a sale or a merger with a large media company. According to the online magazine “Puck”, talks with Disney, Apple and Amazon were held, the hottest trace probably led to NBCuniversal in April – however, the deal had burst.

EA search for a “more significant relationship” that “goes beyond license agreements”. “Puck” refers to an insider that is not named. The rumors spread within a few hours, but are not provided with extensive evidence – EA would have to take care of a resolution.

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