Mad World, ahead of the final alpha test, released content video

Game developer ‘Grass Soft’ (CEO Se -min Yoon) is a 2D Dark Fantasy MMORPG ‘Mad World: Age of Darkness’, which is developed by the company and is preparing for its own service. It will be held for a week from 31 days to 31 days, and announced that it will release the final alpha test promotion video.

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The video, which was produced in a total of 1 minute and 38 seconds, focused on the introduction of various contents that will be unveiled in the final alpha test. As soon as the first video began, you can see the greatness of the boss monster ‘Golden Watersist Parin’, which is the most threatening user to go in front of the final alpha test.

Parin is a mercenary devil hired by the Great Devil Mamon, and was planned to covet and betray the gold held by Mamon who hired himself because of its strong desire and greed. However, the combat ability and specifications that the great evil hires as mercenaries are expected to be ‘strong’ itself.

In addition, it leads to the introduction of new regions, such as the ‘brainwash of the monarch’ consisting of a closed psychiatric concept, and the ruins of ancient civilization, reminiscent of Egyptian pyramids. He also spent a lot of emphasis on the improvement of the combat system.

In line with the growth of users who are looking for hope in the world of despair, the monsters are also implemented in one level, and finally, the video is finished with the end of the ambassador, ‘The last opportunity to experience the crazy world!’ The final alpha test promotion video can be found on various channels such as Mad World’s official website, YouTube channel, Mad World official lounge, and game media.

The user who wants to participate in Mad World’s final alpha test is to finish all the procedures by joining the ‘MAD World: Age of Darkness’ official homepage where you can check ‘Mad World’ on the main portal site. The user who participated in the last alpha test will be 100% automatically eligible.

The lawnsoft side is the final inspection for users for the final alpha test, so as well as the massive modifications of combat, economic balance, and compensation measures, the party system and quick matching, chat, industrial difficulty selection, field PK reinforcement and field PK reinforcement He explained that he focused on improving the overall system.

In addition, he focused on the volume up to feel the cool and heavy ‘hand taste’ by taking advantage of the monster hit in the field hunting ground, and added that the combat system sector, such as improving skills and adding new buff skills, also performed a large update.

Madworld is a MMORPG that depicts the narrative of the desperate world. It is designed to freely grow my own character, defeat and grow evil, based on the story of humanity finding a small hope in the desired apocalypse worldview. Using the latest web technology, you can enjoy the game without being affected by the place when connecting to links.

Meanwhile, you can check the new video of the final alpha test today on the Mad World YouTube page.

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