A week to (re) discover the MMORPG fractured from May 25 to 31

While waiting for a commercial launch this year, fractured is currently the subject of a beta test and punctually, the servers open to invite the greatest number to (re) discover the latest developments in the MMORPG. For a week, from May 25 to 31, all the curious will therefore be able to explore the universe of the game for free.

For the occasion, players will notably be able to explore the new continent Aerhen, one of the regions of the Syndesia planet populated by humans. The place is home to various environments, all subject to a very specific climate: icy mountainous areas, a stifling volcanic region, steppe expanses swept by rains or tundra regions with a more temperate climate. For the record, climate and weather mechanics are among the latest MMORPG updates and players will have to equip their character to resist the most extreme temperatures.

This test session must make it possible to discover the gameplay of fractured, but also serve as a promotion for the sale of founder packs (which include access to beta): the developer specifies that the progress recorded during this week of discovery will be kept As part of the beta.
For the record, several updates are scheduled for the coming weeks: the planet Arboreus and the Wildfolk people (pacifist men) must be deployed this summer with high -level PVP mechanics; Then the planet Tartaros and the demons must follow in the fall with the religion system and an improvement in crafts, pending a launch scheduled for the end of the year.

Fractured Online Free Week Launches May 25 - Invite Your Friends!

The test servers will open their doors this May 25 from 4 p.m. To participate in the discovery week, registrations are open on the official fractured website.


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