How to Get Free Cash, Skins, and more with Roblox Driving Empire codes?

Driving Empire codes on Roblox can help you claim free cash and skins in the game to spice up your experience as a brave driver. As of April 2022, quite a few active codes are available to redeem.
Previously known as Wayford, Driving Empire by Empire Games on Roblox features a variety of vehicles for you to choose from. Once in the game, you can choose to compete with others to earn money or stay on the road for an endless ride.

Whether you are a new player or a seasoned veteran, the codes available for Driving Empire will grant you remarkable boosts for your journey in the game. With that said, read on to check out all the active Driving Empire codes in April 2022. Updated May 16, 2022, to check for new codes.

Driving Empire codes on Roblox (May 2022)
Below are all currently active Driving Empire codes that you can redeem. These codes have been verified and confirmed to work in-game as of May 16, 2022.
With two active codes, more rewards such as free cash or skins may be available, so be sure to check back soon if youre looking for more.

Code rewards
BIRD100K 50,000 cash
SPR1NGT1ME 25,000 cash

In the same way, although they give us cash in most cases, we also have special events that will reward us with cars.

How to Redeem Driving Empire Codes on Roblox
Redeem active codes in Driving Empire is a relatively simple process that only requires a few steps to complete:
Go to the official page of Driving Empire and click on the green button to start the game.
Once in the game, click Play and join a server.
After joining a server, you need to click on the Settings icon in the bottom left corner of your screen.
Copy any active codes from the list above and paste them into the Insert Code box.
Click Submit to claim your free rewards.

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