Where to farm the bones in V Ringing

You can farm the bones of various enemies, including skeletons , wolves , bears and zombies . All four types of enemies will drop bones. But if you want to get as many bones as possible, you will need to farm certain places in V Rising, which contain one of these types of enemies.

One of these places that you can use for bone mining is the cemetery in which you appear after creating your character. Inside the cemetery, players can fight with both skeletons and zombies from which the bones fall out. Spend here for several minutes, doing agriculture, so that you have a permanent supply of bones for further use in the game. However, if you need a post -fact, you will need to find a different place. Fortunately, there are other cemeteries and cemeteries where players can find many bears and wolves.

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where to find cemeteries in V Riding

You can find cemeteries for growing bones by looking at the map. Open the card by clicking the m key then look for large yellow circles , as shown below. Holding the cursor above these yellow circles, you will see the name of the place. Some of these locations will include bandits camps, while others will be called cemeteries or cemeteries. In cemeteries and cemeteries you can farm bones, as in the starting area.

Other places for Kostya farm in V Riding

Cemeteries are not the only places where players can farm the bones in V Rising. You can also get bones from both bears and wolves in the game, and both have special places where they appear. Bears can be found wandering through the forests and in places called bear areas. Volkov can also be found wandering through the forest or in special places. These places are called the wolf lawing, as shown in the image below.

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