How craft works in V Rising – Craft explanation

Kraft in V Rising is very similar to other survival games , such as Rust or 7 Days to die. Players will need to build certain structures, kill enemies to obtain resources or collect them. As soon as the player collects resources, he can use them to create several items on workbenches or in the “Creation” section in the player inventory.

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In addition to creating objects, such as weapons and armor, players can also use resources in the craft system to create complex base bases with the heart of the castle in the center.

These Castle Heart bases can then serve as a base for players to start their kingdom of terror in V Rising. Players can also store resources at their bases and create items using the workbench that they place. To unlock craft recipes, you need to build buildings and increase the level of equipment. These recipes will include the best items, such as copper weapons and Bongard armor.

The creation of both types of objects will increase the level of equipment of your character. An increase in the level of your equipment will ultimately open more craft recipes as you move to higher levels.

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