Evil Dead game as you win as a demon

In Evil Dead the Game you can take on the role of Kandarian Demon and work on stopping the survivors. There are two ways to win Evil Dead as a demon.

There are nine different demons that you can play as in the game, and winning as a demon can be difficult because you compete against four other players. So you have to use the main skills of each class as much as possible to be successful. It will also pay off to learn a class and improve your skills with you, regardless of whether it is a necromante, puppeteer or warlord.

Below we pass How to win as a demon in the game Evil Dead that touches the most important possibilities how you can end a game victoriously, and some important resources that you have to rely on when you play as a Kandarian Demon.

Evil Dead game as you win as a demon

To get as a demon in the game Evil Dead You have to work to achieve one of these goals:

* Kill all survivors

Evil Dead: The Game Necromancer Gameplay Win
* destroy the necronomicon

The destruction of the necronomicon can only be carried out at the end of a game if the survivors try to seal a portal. You can summon skeletons, servants and more to destroy it, or play it yourself as one of the demons to meet and attack it.

The killing of all survivors can be collected by collecting hell -energy balls, which are red balls on the map. These can be used to output points, place traps, own enemies, to carry out attacks, to summon one of the playable demons and much more.

You have to develop strategies, place traps and decide when you attack or summon enemies to ensure that you can switch off all members of a team. This can help you win, and the use of all your strength and skills without planning ultimately leads you to lose a match.

This deals with how to win as a demon in Evil Dead the Game. If you want an overview of the different demons in the Evil Dead game, take a look at our other instructions you can find in our collection of Evil Dead game tips.

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