Guardians of the Galaxy 3: Filming completed and new actress indicated

The Guardians of the Galaxy film, which will be released on May 5th , could be bitterly sweet for many fans: Numerous Marvel enthusiasts are looking forward to the return of the chaotic team around Peter Quill ** alias Starlord, but the Intergalactic excursion is the end of the trilogy and thus also the farewell of space adventers.

But it is not yet ready and therefore fans can still look forward to the news about the third Guardians of the Galaxy film . A few days ago, new photos appeared to the changed characters and director James Gunn promised that the new part would become unusually dark. However, the situation on the film set is less dark.

everything on course: The recordings for Guardians of the Galaxy 3 are in the box

Because as Gunn announced yesterday on Twitter, the filming is complete and thus all recordings in the box. Despite the sometimes clumsy crew members such as Starlord , Rocket or Drax, nothing seems to stand in the way of the release next year. Of course, Gunn thanked his team again as part of the happy customer:

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 (2023) Teaser Trailer | Marvel Studios

_ “And with that the filming of the Guardians of the Galaxy trilogy is complete! I love this incredible cast and crew and their wonderful talents and warm souls. I am a very happy person that they accompanied me for almost a decade on my trip. “_

In another tweet, Gunn casually revealed the participation of a previously unannounced actress **. In the blown photo with the caption _ “And yes, Zoe was also with us, but the only picture I have from her can be seen with an actress that has so far been unannounced” _, along with Zoe Saldana (Gomora), Jennifer Holland also.

This in turn is known for her role as Emilia Harcourt in the Suicide Squad and the Peacemaker series, both of the Gunn productions. Interestingly, however, he made it clear in an answer that he did not refer to Holland with the unannounced actress. So we can be excited to see who he really means.

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