Unveil the developers of Apex Legends, which the Downed Beast moved to Storm Point

Apex Legends is full of strange secrets and things become even more mysterious with season 13 and the Saviors update. One of the biggest mysteries is currently concentrating on Storm Point’s new Downed Beast Poi. Fans want to know exactly what the monstrous sea animal has pulled ashore and what effects this has on the future. So we asked respawn entertainment before the publication date of season 13 of Apex Legends what exactly the downed beast moved to Storm Point – and the answer was not what we expected.

In the opening moments of the Apex Legends Savior’s gameplay trailer, the narrator expresses that “we may never have the answers” on burning questions such as “Where did the creature come from” and “Why did it attack”. In conversation with The PC player 24, Gameplay Director Steve Ferreira revealed that the huge sea monster was moved to Storm Point from his stomach and hunting for “delicious leviathanen”.

We know that it sounds difficult to believe, but that’s the answer we have-and it makes sense if you look at the teasers that respawn entertainment has released in the run-up to the unveiling of the Saviors update from Apex Legends.

Apex Legends: Saviors Launch Trailer

In the weeks before the start of APEX Legend’s rescue update teaser, the players were able to watch two Leviathans playing around at Sea while playing Storm Point. The teaser of April 13, which can be seen below, also shows how these two leviathans are unusually approaching a larger anomaly – which we now know that it is the sea animal.

Stay calm… pic.twitter.com/gpye2notjt

-Apex legends (@Playapex) 13. April 2022

While the teasers were continued on both social media and in the game, Apex players with eagle eyes may have noticed that these Leviathans have disappeared from the game environment. It is an easy -to -overlook, especially if you concentrate on where you stop or combat Provlers, but Ferreira confirms that you have simply “disappeared because the sea monster has eaten it”.

Devan McGuire, Senior Game Designer of Apex Legend, adds that the “bones of the leviathan were stung cleanly by the alarming precision of the digestive system of this special crustacean”. These skeletal remains could discover players after the upcoming card update-but we just have to wait and see when the patch notes (and the update themselves) are released.

The Downed Beast Poi is not the only new function that is introduced in the Saviors update in Storm Point. Respawn Entertainment has built up with IMC Armouries on the PVE experiences from Storm Point and you can read here why the IMC Armoury from Apex Legends offers a third-party project. If you are more interested in Newcastle, you should look at our APEX LEGENDS ranking before it is added to the list – it is always worth knowing which legends are the best options at the moment.

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