Mastrous Storm Point – all new points of interest (POI) Apex Legends

Despite the fact that he made his debut in Apex Legends only in the 11th season, the 13th season: “Savior” has already brought the first major update of the card in Storm Point. However, the word “major” can be too strong. Compared to previous card updates, this update is a little dull. This update is supplied only with one new traditional point of interest (POI) and one expansion of the card. Let’s take a look.

Downed Beast (a point of interest with high -level prey)

Environmental cleaning and work with dangers (Echo), a cleaning group, first noticed in Kingz-Cannon, went to a storm-poet to find the only new large point of interest on the map. You can also go inside the Download Beast itself, and there is good booty inside. The Download Beast is west of Checkpoint, north of The Mill and southwest of North Pad.

NEW All Storm Point POIs - Apex Legends

IMC Armory (Expansion of the map)

IMC Armouries is a new expansion of the card that adds a new type of PVE gameplay. Teams can fight with AI Specter robots to earn valuable prey. In total, the map has four IMC weapons, and at present they are a structure that can only be found on Storm Point.

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