Mai-Fierei 2022 in Animal Crossing: at the sternums

Mai-Feierei 2021

The May Feierei also returned in 2021 and had a completely new labyrinth in her luggage. This always changes to match the year and there is a labyrinth for odd and one for years. We will show you the perfect solution and how you get to all Sterni coupons and the new reward here:

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May Feierei in Animal Crossing 2021: Perfect solution for the labyrinth


This is how the Mai Feierei Event 2022 runs

With the start of May there is also a new event in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. We show you everything you need to know about May Feierei, how you start the event and what rewards await you.

Important note : You can only redeem the May Feierei ticket once and therefore only fly to the island once. Overall, however, you only have until May 7th time to complete the event and dust off all rewards.

How you start the event

No update necessary : In contrast to the previous events, you do not need an update for May Feierei. Time travelers have to synchronize their time with the server in order to be able to start the event.

  • Saves Animal Crossing: New Horizons and closes the game.
  • Go to the settings in the home menu, navigate to the “Console” point and select “Date and Time”.
  • Switch on the “Synchronize watch” with the help of the Internet “.
  • Animal Crossing is launching: New Horizons and Melinda should tell you in the morning announcement that the May Feierei has started.

Collection of May Feierei-Ticket : Go to the service center and speak to Tom Nook. In order to thank your work on the island, he has prepared a special island tour. The ticket is ready at the airport and you just have to speak to Bodo and select “I want to fly”. In the next point you will choose the ticket and you can start.

You cannot take any objects on this special tour. As soon as you leave the island again, you will get your inventory back as well. So you don’t have to clean up before departure.

the perfect solution of the labyrinth for Sterni coupons

All characters in the game have kept it secret, but now you can see that the entire island is a labyrinth. There is a perfect way to get everything out of this. We show you how to do it:

  1. Go to the labyrinth and pick up the shovel, equip it and collect the bush on the left.
  2. Eat the fruit and uproot the first tree that is in front of you.
  3. Follow the path as long as you can go straight ahead, then turn left and just keep running until you can choose between three holes.
  4. Collect all resources on the left and right and then take the middle path. There is a rottenx with which you can only fell a tree.
  5. Decide for the tree at the top left behind which there is a branch and two fruits. If you take another tree, you could in the end fruits for the rest of the Sterni coupons.
  6. Eat the fruits and from there goes as to the right as possible and take up all wood resources on the way until you get to a rock. Destroy it with your shovel, take the fruit and the handicraft instructions for the wobbly and ax if you don’t have it yet. Upbrint the tree that is on the way to the workbench.
  7. Don’t interact with the workbench because you still need an iron ore.
  8. Go through the labyrinth again so that she is faced with the election between the three holes. Eat the fruit, take the path of the left hole and destroy the rock to absorb the iron ore.
  9. Now run to the workbench and create the ax.
  10. Then you can chop all the remaining trees with the ax and absorb the other fruits.
  11. Go at the end of the labyrinth and speak to Olli, who gives you a reward.
  12. Before you talk to Udo to return, you have to do two things.
  13. With the shovel, dig out the bushes to Ollis warehouse to get to the first four Sterni coupons.
  14. From there runs at the top of the labyrinth to the left beach of the island to the lower left corner of the labyrinth. There are three rocks there.
  15. Eat the remaining fruits and destroy the rocks. After that, you can also sink the last five Sterni coupons.
  16. Talk to Udo and flies back to your island. In your mailbox there are now not only the reward of Olli but also the Sterni coupons.

Call rescue service : If you have made a mistake at one point, you can always call the moles from the rescue service. Resetti and his crew then reset the island for you and you can try again. However, they demand 100 nook miles every time.

these are the rewards

If you have made it through the labyrinth, you can talk to Olli. The hangover is likely to be known to serial veterans, because he always accompanied the player at the start of several games and had a character created by questions.

Ollis suitcase and Sterni coupons : Now he is temporarily back in New Horizons and gives you a suitcase as a reward. This decorative element is glued to stickers that contain allusions to the Animal Crossing series. For example, K√§ptens bus or the train from the GameCube branch can be seen. In addition, there are also nine Sterni coupons in the labyrinth, which are worth 3,000 stars each and can be released in NOOK’s shops.

Die Labyrinth Insel zur Mai Feierei! #93 Animal Crossing: New Horizons [Tag 33] - Let's Play

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News in Animal Crossing in May

But these are not the only innovations that you will expect in Animal Crossing: New Horizons in May. Because as always there are also new animals in the game. In the insects, the tarantula has now been replaced by the scorpion and the sea creatures are growing in the form of rare bridge fish.

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