The next battle pass of Fortnite for Chapter 2 had leaks

Many Fortnite discussions have been around for a few days. If you have not heard, they did something incredible during the weekend and threw the game into a black hole. You can consult this dark and massive abyss on the game website right now. He fell at the end of a live broadcast event, and we wonder what to do next.

While we are waiting, online information is disclosed on upcoming events for the very popular royal battle game. One of the features we heard about is the introduction of boats in the next phase of the game. However, with the knowledge of the boats, we also learned the next fighting pass of the game.

This information was also disclosed in a short trailer that was in place for a short time before being dismantled. The information came from the Twitter account of Skintrackercom. Again, you can check their page, but you will not see any part of the trailer. It’s already g1. But other sites have already assured themselves to have it and save it. We have it at your disposal, then look at it below.

*NEW* SEASON 8 BATTLEPASS In Fortnite (Chapter 2)

Once you have checked, you will see a variety of new challenges. The first thing you will notice in the fleet trailer is the fact that the boats are the big and the new vehicle that arrives at the game. For those who have always wanted a quick getaway on the water, your dreams have now become reality.

The new challenges presented in the trailer show new ways to progress. Precision operations, open boxes, reduce the resources needed for construction, destruction of structures and even fishing.

The pass of the coming battle will contain everything the players expect from a player. FortNite One: cosmetic products and a variety of challenges to take up.

At the moment, we do not know about the story of the game. Epic Games tries to keep the supposed trailer from the story under the arm, as close as possible to the chest. This could flow earlier than they wish, but the time will tell us.

Prepare yourself for Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 1 to appear soon.

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