SPVGG Greuther Fürth after descent in front of the future

Rachid Azzouzi wiped the tears from the face again and again. In his bitter moment as Fürther Stefan Leitls director, the 51-year-old quickly directed his eyes forward.

“We resort again next year,” he promised after the prematurely established Bundesliga descent of the SPVGG Greuther Fürth.

From the fan curve in the background echoed “Rachid, Rachid” calls, which elicited the former Moroccan national player at least a short smile.

It is waiting a lot of work on Azzouzi

“It hurts. But the tears dry again. It will go on again,” said Azzouzi and dupted his cheeks with a handkerchief. Also Captain Branimir Hrgota, who buried his face in the jersey after closing whistle and then led his crew to the fan curve, immediately wanted to deny the “rewrit”. But with or without coach Stefan Leitl? And with which players?

For a long time, the francs could be prepared at this moment. Finally, since September they have been to the bottom of the table and the descent seemed fixed for weeks. But as the walk to the 2nd league after the 1: 4 against Bayer Leverkusen Festand, “just did not feel well,” as Leitl reported. His feeling of emotion is “just shit”.

Leitl knows that it will not be quieter around him in the next few days. After all, the question of his future is further unclear. Although Leitl’s contract is running until 2023, a premature end of all successful cooperation between the club and coach had lagged itself. An exit clause makes it possible. According to media reports, Leitl must move this clause to the end of April. Schalke, Hertha and Hannover should be interested.

As the francs stand for further cooperation, Azzouzi made again clear on Saturday. “We offered him a long-term contract,” revealed the Stefan Leitls chief. But who knows Leitl, knows that the native of Munich is ambitious. So why 2. League, if possibly further first-class football is possible?

Fürth threatens a cadre break

While the coach question remained unclear for the time being, a barrel break is considered safe. The question is how big it will be. At midfielder Paul Seguin (to Union Berlin) and defender Maximilian Bauer (to Augsburg) the finish is fixed. Money do not rinse the two family forces in the FürTHER fund.

SpVgg Greuther Fürth - Slavia Prag
A larger sum – in the optimal fall in the millions – Jamie Leweling could contribute. Money that could invest azzouzi in a competitive two-league squad. The U21 national player, which is the second best for the season of the season with five hits, is one of the hot change candidates. Some inquiries should have risen the Fürther already in winter.

And Captain Hrgota – with eight hits Fürth’s Toptorjäger this season? The Swede, who in Fürth still has a contract until 2024, expressed himself reserved about his future. “Nobody knows how it looks in the summer. We will see what the club plans,” said the striker. Currently he was just glad that he plays in Fürth and may occur as captains.

Hard is: Azzouzi has a lot of work. Pediatric forces will leave Fürth. As before this season, two current national players changed to the competition in David (Hoffenheim) and Anton Stach (Mainz). But the planning, so betrayed Azzouzi, run.

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