Kephexo, May 15 Cosplay Competition

The PoExo Secretariat announced that the Cosplay Competition ‘KappoXo Cost Place’ is held at the 2022-Poe Expression on the day of the day (19th),

The Cosplay Competition will conduct the main line on the field stage through the preliminary execution through online review. The costume player who wishes to participate is to apply for a qualifier from April 18 to Saturday, April 30 (Sat), and May 2, and May 2 (Mon) Main Line Participants will be announced.

Participation work and personnel composition cover all genres of the cosplay, such as games, manga, animation and milletary. In addition, only one person (individual) is available in the competition, and a total of 16 people are selected for the main line. Main participants will start the final winner from 12 o’clock since they have rehearsal on May 15, on May 15th. The examination criteria are evaluated for 50 points of cost, 40 points of stage completion, and 10 points of notes.

For target winners, 2 million won is awarded, and Excellence Prize and Encouragement Award are awarded by 2,000 won and 300,000 won each. In addition, Performance Award, popularity, costumes and participation are awarded. In addition, after the end of the competition, participants will be on the parade in the Playl Expo Events.

FULL COSPLAY CONTEST AT RALEIGH SUPERCON 2017 | Amazing & Talented Cosplayers!

More information can be found on the Playl Expo official website.

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