Log Wave, Kumnae Kang Ho IP New Glossy Kang Ho W Teaser site

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This year people go out like crazy @ Wat Phnom, food, cultural activities, orchestra, dancing 2022

\ – Log Wave, Mobile MMORPG Teaser Site Lighting

** \ – This year, this year, a comics that served for 28 years,

** \ – MMORPG The development of the core personnel… Pre-reservation

Game Professional Developer Log Wave will be on May, which is developed based on a rich river IP, and will officially service the entitled to the MMORPG, which comes to the MMORPG, which is awarded to the game, I said.

Today, a teaser site released today is a new MMORPG, which is being developed as a river, and a pre-reservation open countdown of the new MMORPG , with a pre-reservation open countdown, which is a main character.

The developer’s log Wave, is prior to the date of pre-reservation event of through this teaser site.

This , in May 1994, based on the first episode, based on the first year of Stadies, which is serious for 28 years this year, based on the powerful fandom of ‘Killing Kang Ho’, which is a powerful fandom, I said it was implemented as a mobile game with mobile games.

In relation to the title of the title of the title, the W>, in relation to the world of entertainment of the enthusiasm and another new world, we introduced the W of the World and the “World”, did.

로그웨이브 관계자는 “<열혈강호W>는 열혈강호 원작의 감성을 고스란히 담아내고, 새로운 이야기로 파생되는 설정까지 기존에 엿볼 수 없었던 재미와 흥미를 끌어낸 점이 많은 관심을 얻을 것으로 기대된다”고 전했다.

“On April 25, the coming will begin to start and communicate the main features of the game and share and communicate the main features of the game. Through this, we will do our best to make it go to a success history of a riot, which is another, “he added.”

On the other hand, the pre-announced advance reservation event countdown and the information related to the information of the pre-known game is available on the 5th, and more information related to the information of the game can be found through teaser site released today.

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