Cookie Run: Kingdom Springtime with Guide for Cherry Blossoms Decor

Cookie Run: Kingdom’s Springtime with Cherry Blossoms is a special decor event that begins with from April 18, 2022 to May 3, 2022 . All players have the right to participate, but it is strongly recommended to start as soon as possible if you want to get all awards, since Event tasks are limited to time .

That’s all you need to know about this event, as well as several tips on how to fulfill complex tasks on time.

How to play the event “Spring with blooming cherry”

Go to the event menu and on the left pane, find the section “Spring with a blooming cherry”. Your goal is to perform various tasks of the event for two weeks to get Sugar flower petals . Then they can be exchanged for a limited decor in the style of blooming sakura to revive your kingdom.

Most tasks require you to use Cherry Blossom Cookie , which is currently elected biscuits in Ghache. These include obtaining it, raising its level and its skills, as well as using it to create objects or in battle. Without it, it may be impossible to collect enough sugar flower petals for all events decors.

What decorated event give preference?

You need to face a total of 520 sugar flower petals To get a complete set of decor for a spring blossom for a picnic party – provided that you will receive only one subject of each subject. There is no specific item to which you should give priority, so it is recommended to exchange on those that like you most.

Keep in mind that for each exchange you will receive only one piece of decor. So, if you want, for example, several blooming cherry trees, you need to make several exchanges. If you do not have your favorite jewelry, think about purchasing a spring rug for a picnic and pink Macaron table set, as the cookie can interact with them.

How to perform complex tasks of events

Although most of the event tasks are quite simple, some can be a bit confusing to understand. Here is a summary of how to fill them.

  • Use Cherry Blossom to create items: Find Cherry Cookies in your kingdom or via Actions Menu in the lower left corner of the screen, then drag it in the building to make the necessary items. It can only be in the same building at a time, so you need to wait until it finishes your work before moving towards the next building.
  • Use Cherry Blossom in World Exploration: First, you need to have Cherry Blossom Cookie in your WORLD EXPLORATION command, and then complete any step manually or automatically. Attempts to use time jumpers do not count to this task.
  • Send a balloon with a bear jelly five times: Make sure you use the fastest steps of the balloon so that you can go through all five during the day.

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Do not forget to perform daily tasks as quickly as possible, as they are reset after 24 hours. And most importantly, having received the petals of a sugar flower, do not forget to exchange them on the decor! Event store closes after the event is completed so do not postpone the exchange.

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