Anne Pochert leaves Carl Zeiss Jena in summer

The 36-year-old trainer, who had led Carl Zeiss to the Bundesliga in the past season, taught the club and the team of their decision this week. Pochert took over Jenas women’s team two years ago, this season, the newcomer after 19 match days with just one victory and a total of five meters in the last place.

“With the current game year, we can definitely not be satisfied. In the end, however, we must also admit that we did not have so many possibilities under the current framework conditions, as we would wish us,” the trainer recognized the current situation in a message of the club.

In the end, we must also admit that we did not have so many possibilities under the current framework conditions as we would wish for us.

1980-81 UEFA Cup Winners Cup - Carl Zeiss Jena v. Roma

Anne Pochert

Pochert: other offers do not matter

Where pochertets leads way in summer, is currently still open. “I’ve decided to leave the FC Carl Zeiss Jena after a ripe consideration and analysis of the situation in recent weeks and months. The decision was very hard for me and has nothing to do with possible offers of other clubs. How It continues for me from July, is not fixed yet. “

Club wanted to extend

The club would have liked to extend with poker, instead, cooperation is coming to its end. “We would like to thank Anne Pochert for the work done by her and its commitment. The ascent last year was a great success, which is inextricably linked to her. This unplanned rise was a great pleasure, but on the other We admit that he was athletic as infrastructural for us just too early. Therefore, the conditions that Anne Pochert this year – where it was clear to us, were even challenging exclusively to the league. said FCC Managing Director Chris Förster.

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