“Elden Ring” is witnessed online online. A mystery hero that appears in naked body and stuck a strong enemy

At the “Elden Ring”, a certain player is becoming a celebrity of the overseas community. It seems that the mysterious naked tubo who hunts good intentions or hobbies or powerful bosses is attracting attention and popularity, and has appeared to fans. It should be noted that this paper includes a description of the boss in the second half of the same work.

“Elden Ring” is an action RPG that the From Software worked. Many strong enemies appear in this work. And, in some cases, the boss with a strong voice from many players is “Malenia”. He is a warrior, such as a wider range, high-fire, high frequency intense attack, and a gimmick or abnormality that recovers his physical strength. He is also a boss that appears in the “side road area” in the second half of the game, and is a certain back boss. About Malenia, which boasts the leading strength of this work, players talk about the joy of victory on SNS, etc. or scream to the suffering of the consecutive defeat.

Overseas Bulletin Board Reddit User’s SAZED 813 was one of the players who struggled to Malenia. However, some cooperative players seem to change the situation. According to the April 13th post by Mr. SAZED 813, he decided to summon a cooperative guest player after 20 to 30 times. Then, her collaborators who have the name “let me Solo Her (defeat with one of her)”. And that figure is also quite characteristic, and it is only that it was not only wearing a point naked. When SAZED 813 consigns Malenia’s battle to a mysterious point man who is suspected half-shi, he slaughtered Malenia vividly with a slight circle. He says gratitude to mysterious ツ man, even with his regret that he could not defeat Malenia with his own hand. It is a story like urban legend.

However, this mysterious point man is like real. After half a day from Mr. SAZED 813, REDDIT has a thread with the same “Let me Solo Her.” as the player name mentioned above. The contributor is a user who is Klein Tsuboi. According to the post, Tsuboi is focused on the whole naked and has been working to help down the mallenian defeat of the faded man who seeks her help. He said he has helped a number of players, and submitted a YouTube videos that accomplished the actual defeat.

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If you check the video, you can see how a strange appearance tsuboi actually beats Marenia vividly. His weapons are equipped with a weapon that can be seen “Shizuha” with a “Shizawa” with his left hand on his left hand. He steadily attacked the small gap of Malenia and is defeated without being damaged. Although “frost step” is set as a battle skill, it seems not to be used. Also, what you want to do is that one more cooperative guest is participating in this battle. In this work, the body strength of the boss is expected to have a specification that enhances the number of cooperating guest players. In other words, Tsuboi was adjusted for multiple people, and a hard Malenia was fully fitted. The head’s point and the naked body are wet and return blood, and it boasts a feeling that it feels more fear rather than to laugh.

Mr. Tsuboi, a mysterious point of view, was also popular with reddit again. Posted by TSUBOI mentioned above won more than 60,000 Upvote (high rating) at the time of article writing. In addition, it has reached the post of the throbe man’s fan art and 3D model works. Besides, we presented the NPCs of this work and And I’m a figure of a point of view and I’m confused in the figure of Alexander. This post is popular to choose Alexander and Tsubo Man as “the plow of hand and the body-grown body,” is popular. As well as the support of the two, it can be seen that Tsuboi’s Tsuboi Tobo man handles and is familiar with NPC in the community. In addition to the popularity, the point popularity within “Elden Ring” may also produce these support.

A sense of accomplishment that beats a strong boss is one of the attractions of “Elden Ring”. However, the way of working is each person, and cooperative guest summoning is also a good means. It may have a loneliness of one to leave all the tbs man. However, it can be said that one who asks for help and the save person will respond, one way of enjoying this work. Tell the popularity of Tsubo Hero who defeats a strong enemy, the second third set of thieves may appear in the future.

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