Dead Island 2: Possible publication this year?

The Action-RPG Dead Island 2 was announced for the first time at the E3 in 2014 and is in development until today. After an insider and finally the studio pot has reported to word this year, it seems like the Sequel could appear to Dead Island in the near future. A new rumor lets these assignments become more likely and speaks of a renewed announcement of the title again this year.

Renewed announcement of Dead Island 2 in the summer?

Already at the beginning of the year was the speech of a possible release in the spring of 2023. Now the game journalist Colin Moriarty has shared in the latest episode of his podcast, Sacred symbols, insider information with his listeners. Moriarty says he had learned from a confidential source that Dead Island will be announced again 2 sometime this summer again and then at the earliest in the September or October 2022 could appear.

After the E3 unfortunately falls into the water again this year, Publisher Deep Silver could use this year’s Summer Game in June to reconounce Dead Island 2 (Buy Now) after seven years – assuming the information of the Journalists vote.

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Why does the development of Dead Island 2 last so long?

Following the success of the predecessor, Dead Island, which was already published in 2011 and indexed until recently in Germany, the publisher published several successors to the zombie game, including a survival horror game, a mobile spin-off And with Dead Island: Epidemic even appeared a Moba to the franchise whose server has switched off now. Finally, Deep Silver announced Dead Island 2 in 2014. The planned release period was the second quarter of 2015 , but there have been some complications since then.

Among other things, among others, the twice exchange of developers . Already in 2012, the game was commissioned by Yager Development until the development was deprived. In 2016, Sumo Digital took over working on Dead Island 2, but only until the developer team has been replaced again. In 2019, you decided to submit the title to the in-house studio and current developer dambuster . Currently neither release period, nor-deck is known. But job offers suggest that Dead Island 2 could appear for PC, Xbox Series X / S and PlayStation 5.

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