Do you need excellent coaching for the burnout syndrome of professional gamers? There are no players with carriers to move, and focused on “LOL” and research

Excellent name players ‘shadows’ educator is a sport, but it may be a good story in the education site, but it may be the same in the world of professional gamers.

Esports: Inside the relentless training of professional gaming stars

Wataru University announced research reports on April 13, “Important of Excellent Coaching in Progue Maa,”. Among these, we point out that professional gamers have a wide range of problems, such as a mental issue, and have a broad problem, and it is claimed that good quality coaching is necessary.

The research team has 47 professional teams around the world, and more than $ 400,000, and more than 400,000, and there is little player with a carrier with more than four years of career “ League of Legend “I focused on, and started research.

“The cause of a burning and extinguish syndrome is the cause of a long time and play and practice.” As Dr. Bader Sabtan, which studies system design engineering, is mentioned 6 days a week, as Dr. Bader Sabtan. It seems to spend 12 hours to 14 hours per day, while the lack of coaching approach and technology by virtually standardized techniques for young players is attributed.

“In the study, I was surprised that a systematic practice technique was not used even with a top class coach.” To talk about system design engineering, and itself in Wataru University Professor SHI CAO, a member of Games Institute, “scientific evidence and research are not used.” “Research such as cognitive psychology and ergonomics, such as cognitive psychology and ergonomic studies, as research on physiology and exercise science has helped a conventional sport,” said CAO professor continues.

In addition, in this study, it is focused on human relationships, and since the top class players need to practice for a long time to maintain their position, social relations that are important socially important are lean It also points out that it will be.

“The quality of the clearance or game, and the reaction rate is also gained only by exercise and iteration, but they just play a game. They have no social life, boyfriend and girlfriend There is no. It is not so much sustainable. “And Sabtan Professor is complaining.

Burning exact syndrome is mainly due to emotional consumability, deportation, decline in personal achievement, and personal elements such as environmental elements and ideal and reality such as long-term labor and heavy quasia are mainly caused. In that respect, it goes without saying that the game can also be a mental load at the same time as entertainment. Also, there may be no one about the last human relationship as a game like a game?

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