Framed, the Word Type game that will test your cinema knowledge

Since The New York Times launched Wordle, the successful online game in which players solve a daily linguistic challenge, there are many who have hooked on the challenge. Now, the more cinephilos have the opportunity to put their knowledge into practice thanks to a new program that follows the wake of this successful title. It is FRAMED, a game that shows the frame of a movie and invites users to guess the title of it.

successful title in the csuccessful titlee of Wordle, Framed introduces a new challenge every day: each player hsuccessful title six possibilities over 24 hours . Each time a failure occurs, the system offers a new frame of the movie in question. In addition, the title allows sharing the results through social networks. All in all, unlike the other video game, the titles of the films are automatically filled, so it is possible to select the movie from the list.

FRAMED, how it works

The Fame Game | Official Trailer | Madhuri Dixit Nene, Sanjay Kapoor, Manav Kaul | Netflix India

Each of the frames offers more details and facilitates the identification of the film progressively, with plans that reveal more data about the product itself. And how can you start playing? Just click on the official page: the frame appears at the top, while just below you can fill the title of the tape . In csuccessful titlee of failing, at the moment you will have a new opportunity to continue playing.

The New York Times acquired Wordle and the audience grew rapidly from about 300,000 concurrent users up to a million. Since then, new alternatives have emerged that use very similar game mechanics and can be played for free, successful title is the csuccessful titlee of Framed, Heardle, Worldle and many more.

The film industry hsuccessful title celebrated 94 edition of the Oscar Awards , which hsuccessful title crowned a film from a streaming platform for the first time. Coda hsuccessful title risen with the Best Film award, successful title we have published in Meristation.

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