Wage negotiation folded webizen union, game industry first strike resolution

Destiny 2 - Mission 11: First Strike Mission - Exodus Crash

The Webzen union resolved the strike for the first time in the domestic game industry. There is a wage school that has not been found for the consensus, even though the background has been conducted on the last three months.

Webzen laboror has been undergoing a local labor committee, but it is not yet found. In this paper, Webzen unions have been in a situation that they would like to communicate directly with the representative directors through the held rally, but in the 11th, both sides do not agree.

Since then, Webzen unions reserved the strike. For this reason, Webzen No Young-ho said that through the currency between Games Mecca, the last weekend to the members of the Weekly, we said the pros and cons of the last weekend, and said that more than two-thirds were in favor. “I have not yet determined” I have not yet determined “the schedule and method of strike.” We also emphasized that there is also the intention to continue to continue the company and the wages.

On the website, “voting between last weekend and has not been able to convey concrete content from the union side. However, it is difficult to expect the company’s position to change due to over-the-counter struggle and strike resolution. If you come back to the negotiation table, you have to talk to you. ” Both Webzen labororists are willing to solve conflicts through negotiations.

The part where both sides of the opinion conflicts is king. On the Web Jenzhou, the original was originally requested an increase in annual annual annual impression, and the average of 16% impression and limited amount of 200 million won on March 15th. In the Web, we propose 2 million won payment to employees who received more than 10% of the previously presented in the Web, a 10% increase in the Greetings.

There is a confusion of labor for this. On the union side, it points out that it is aimed at the first 10% impression that the first presented on the company, even though he has negotiated with the company as well as the present invention. In the expiration of the average, the average increase in the impression of ‘Greeting evaluation B Over 2 million won’, which has been proposed for more than 2 million won ‘, and it was dismissed the conversation on the union side and dismissed the strike.

It is true that it resolves a strike on the union side, as shown above, but it does not mean that it will not communicate with the company in the future. In addition, it has been in the face of a conversation to solve conflicts through a conversation. Therefore, depending on the progress of negotiation in the future, it seems that striking is finally determined. If the negotiation is finally folded and the strike is processed, the domestic game industry is the first strike.

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