First groundbreaking for new training plants

With the first groundbreaking ceremony for two new football fields, the starting signal for the construction of the new training plants for the offspring of the SC Prussia Münster fell on Wednesday afternoon. The bulk fields for the youth teams also mark the first measure of the overall project stadium expansion. At the same time, this is the start of construction for the neighboring beach volleyball fields, which should benefit the public and the Volleyballers and volleyballers of the USC Münster.

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“Today this is the impetus for building the junior power center of the SC Prussia Münster and in a few months can be played on the artificial turf. I am pleased that with this first measure to develop the sports park Mount Fidel after the planning phase, the project stadium expansion is now in implementation, “says Lord Mayor Markus Lewe.

An artificial turf area and a natural crowd area are built with a floodlight and a irrigation system. The natural pathway receives a lawn heating, so that it can be played all year round. At the end of the summer, the artificial turf place should be already playable.

“This first groundbreaking ceremony is more than a symbolic act. It is a signal that it starts with the construction of two new training places, which are urgently needed for licensing a performance center. And at the same time, he is a sign of respect and recognition for the work already done in the field of junior promotion. Here is a ‘lighthouse project’, which will have meaning for the junior work in Münster and throughout the region. Our thanks go to all who contribute to it, “explains President Christoph Strässer.

In addition, the suggestion from the development plan process is implemented, northwest of the two new football fields also create a beach volleyball system with four matches. “This beach volleyball system expands the leisure and sports offer in the district Mount Fidel. And even the USC Münster receives additional training opportunities in the direct neighborhood to the sports hall Mountain Fidel, “Lewe makes aware of the sporting possibilities just for the residents of the district.

The training opportunities at Hammer Straße are supplemented by a “athletics area”, which should not only open the SC Prussia Münster, but also further clubs like the USC and the WWU Baskets. This creates a two-way career as a sprint track for fitness and speed tests on the natural crowd. On the artificial turf area, for example, a staircase and ramp system with different gradation ratios can be charged at a conditioning hill. In addition, a range for goalkeeper training is provided.

In late summer, the artificial turf place can be used, the athletics area and the beach volleyball fields are completed below. The natural crowd area is available from summer 2023 if the lawn is sufficiently rooted. The construction project was planned by the Planning Burlos SAL Landschaft architecture from Münster, SFP sports field planning from Sarstedt and the engineering company Lindschulte from Nordhorn and is now implemented by the company Boymann from Glandorf.

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