National coach Toni Söderholm extends the deb to 2026

“This is a trend-setting and for the DEB sporty, but also beyond, extremely important personality decision,” said Deb President Franz Reindl. “He is a well-respected, recognized coach, with which our national players work purposefully.”

The extension had been indicated for a few days. “My personal feeling is that Toni Söderholm stays with the DEB. He has not reached everything in the DEB, what he wants to achieve,” Mannheim’s Manager Jan-Axel Alavaara said on Tuesday. Söderholm had also been courted by the ADLERS. He had canceled Mannheim to DPA information after the DEB has financially improved his offer for the national coach.

Final Marathon Workout
Until the winter games in February in Beijing was more likely to be expected in Helsinki and Tampere with a farewell Söderholms after the World Cup. Numerous European top clubs should have made Söderholm financially lucrative offers. The aim of the ambitious Finn is also the NHL.

Apparently, the disappointing performance at the Olympia had led to miss the quarter-finals that Söderholm wants to continue. “We want to go the next steps with the German ice hockey,” said the Finn, after having a sporty at the beginning of 2019 had continuously mounted uphill.

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