World Cup in Qatar: General Major Al Ansari against rainbow flags

Showing the rainbow flag during the World Cup in Qatar as a sign of solidarity with the LGBTQ + community could have consequences for fans.

General Major Abdulaziz Abdullah Al Ansari explained in conversation with the news agency _associated press (AP) _ that LGBTQ pairs would be welcomed and accepted during the World Cup in Qatar, although same-sex relations in the Conservative Gulf continued to be under punishment.

At the same time, Al Ansari spoke against the public show corresponding solidarity symbols, such as the rainbow banner. “If a fan draws the rainbow flag and I remove it away, then not, because I really want to take her to offend him, but to protect him,” Al Ansari said at ap.

He’s afraid of attacks on the followers: “Because if I am not, someone else could attack him in his vicinity.” He could not guarantee the behavior of the whole people, supplemented Al Ansari: “And I will tell him, ‘Please, it is not necessary to show the flag now.'”

If fans want to demonstrate their attitude, then “they have to do this in society in which it is accepted,” said Al Ansari. Buy a map and look at the game, is okay, “but not insult the whole society here,” he stressed.

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Al Ansari: “Can not change laws”

As a warning before a trip Al Ansari did not want to know his words. “Bay a room together, sleep with each other – that’s none of us,” he said. “We are there to organize a tournament. We can not change the laws here. You can not change religion for the 28 days of a world championship.”

Al Ansari works as a director of the Department of International Cooperation, at the same time he is chairman of the National Terrorism National Committee in the Katal Ministry of Interior. The awarding of the World Cup to Qatar is in criticism because of the human rights violations. Amnesty International Lastly complained that persons of the LGBT + community would continue to “discriminate both by law and daily life.

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FIFA President Gianni Infantino had emphasized this week in Doha with a view of the World Cup that everyone will see, “everyone is welcome here in Qatar, even if we talk about LGBTQ”. During the EM last year, the prohibition of rainbow flag in Hungary had triggered a violent debate.

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