An abandoned PS5 developer discreetly removes the project tweets

The PS5 game Abandoned is a SCAM? - Director of The Game TALKED to ME
Do you remember abandoned? The Dutch Vapourware Project Blue Box Game Studios has become viral last year, when some have mistakenly suspected that the survival horror game could be a cunning legendary creator Hideo Kojima, similar to his teaser silent Hills PT on PlayStation 4. This ended up being wrong, but he catapulted the independent studio under the spotlight. He finally published a Realtime Experience application on the PS5, which had two or three seconds of engine-integrated sequences.

It’s been a while we have not received update from the studio for the last time, and that’s because some fans noticed that the team discreetly removed messages from his Twitter count. A quick comparison between an archive of returns back from the company’s social media page and its current reveals that dozens of messages have been removed, one of which was referring to a “technology demo” playable in the Application Realtime Experience mentioned above.

Obviously, there is no game here, and we can not imagine that abandoned will come out a day. But this raises an interesting question about how an unknown studio has managed to become viral around the world, and even out an application on the PS Shop . In retrospect, it is an incredible story that testifies to the power of social media.

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