FireSprite works in a narrative game of terror

FireSprite , the Liverpool study responsible for games for virtual reality such as The Persistence or The Playroom, is working on a triple narrative game developed in Unreal Engine 5, according to a job offer published on your website.

The Persistence Story | An Interview With Firesprite Games
For this project, in FireSprite they look for someone to take care of the narrative direction; Someone who is responsible for the narrative, the universe and the background of the game.

Beyond that, there is no detail that suggested anything concrete about this project, interesting for other reasons. To begin with, FireSprite (from the end of last year owned by Sony, as part of PlayStation Studios) is working, in collaboration with guerrilla, also in Horizon: Call of the Mountain, one of the great launch titles of future PSVR 2.

On the other hand, from one time to this part comes a metal twisted reboot from which it was not much said that it had also happened to be developed by FirePrite, after Matt Southern pasar from Lucid, those of Destruction All-Stars, To the study of Liverpool. Neither in one nor in another was known about what was, but it was said that it was Twisted Metal, and Southern’s curriculum seemed to give it foundation to the rumor: The experience of him as director passed by Motorstorm Apocalypse and DriveClub.

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