Valorant: Filtered Skills of Bounty Hunter, the new game agent

News within Valorant, the tactical game game developed by Riot Games are getting closer and closer, with the last pass it was expected to be attracted to light the so-called “Bounty Hunter” that was rumored would appear to wreck within our qualifiers.

Even Riot Games itself has launched a series of contents as a teaser to confirm that yes, it is a Turkish character. For now there has been a filtration of all the skills of him. We are going to review them so that we can get an idea about how this character could be played.

a character that seemed unknown

Now, by means of a leak, we know your fully skill kit:

  • Merodeador (c): Send a straight line creature in search of enemy, this skill is very similar to Skye’s womens forger.
  • Grab (Q): Equip an Orb, which can be thrown with the left click, when falling will expand in an area and all the enemies in it will be tied to the center, receive decomposition damage, are deafented and not They can escape from the area.
  • LADIRA (E) : Equip an orb that can be released and functions as an eye to reveal the opponents and apply a trace debuff.
  • Dusk (x) : Shoot a dark mist, if the fog comes into contact with an enemy, it was traced and deafented for 12s.

*NEW* Agent

What do you think about the skills of the new Valorant agent? From what we see, he will be one of those characters that apply a lot of control of crowds to the rivals, making it fundamental in certain plans to attack the teams. We will see if he ends up entering the metajame and if he can shine.

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