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After the rather mediocre multiplayer break exchange “Kirby Fighters” from 2020, Nintendos Kneutschlich presents itself in its latest switch adventure back in high shape. Granted, the story of the game is rather secondary and the degree of difficulty for genre professionals far too light – apart from that, Jump’n’Run fans of all ages with “Kirby and the forgotten land” can have a lot of fun. Special praise earn the varied leveldesign as well as the associated transformation possibilities. Nice too, that Kirby’s skills are now high up and the entire adventure from the beginning to the end in two-player coal mode works – but only offline on a screen. What remains is a wonderfully colorful bouncy playing pleasure with heaps of funny ideas, a charming presentation and an extremely beginner-friendly difficulty degree that guarantees fast success experiences.

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  • Six very varied worlds
  • Colorful, great animated graphics
  • Campaign completely for two playable
  • Additional recalls in each level increase the playback value
  • Successful music entertainment
  • A dozen upgradeable kirby talents
  • Additional level of difficulty for beginners
  • Many bonus levels and cute mini-games

Kirby and the Forgotten Land Review

  • Camera often only marginally adjustable
  • For genre connectors a total of a lot too easy
  • Breinkless story
  • Two player mode only works offline

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On April 27, 2022, the Jump’n’Run-Figure Kirby invented by Masahiro Sakurai celebrates its 30th anniversary. To celebrate this round birthday, the Japanese developer Hal Laboratory sends his pink, cute and phenomenally convertible mascot in “Kirby and the forgotten country” for the Nintendo Switch for the first time in a completely three-dimensional bouncy game adventure.

Story hanger is a suddenly emerging dimensional swirl that devours everything in his train and opens up elsewhere in the universe. Also Protagonist Kirby can not escape this strange power and can be found shortly after the start of the game in an environment full of overgrown ruins. What happened here and how he comes away again? Not clear! It is clear only that the inhabitants of the world – the so-called waddle dees – were kidnapped by animal-like creatures and urgently need Kirby’s help.

Great worlds, creative levels design

The following rescue operation takes about ten hours and takes you through half a dozen wonderfully designed scenarios, each with four main levels, a bosslevel and a variety of additional challenges. The beautiful thing: whether you explore the nature levels, explore the Ewigblau coast, the ruins of a year market exploring the ruins of the ice and snow embossed winter top uncertain, roam the Origins desert or penetrate in “Rotharts forbidden land” – that Leveldesign in all six worlds sprays only with creative ideas and crazy transformation options for our hero.

In the abandoned amusement park Wonderia, for example, KIRBY is allowed to transform itself into the car of a roller coaster with the help of its brand new “full plugs” ability in the car of a roller coaster and so scan the route to collective objects. On other locations, he mutates – after tapping a faucet – to a gigantic water balloon, which is effortlessly splashed out of the path with a steerable beam enemies, purifies polluted levels of levels or marked floral new life. But also vehicles, vending machines, lifting platforms and even huge scaffoldings suck them at the touch of a button, which then turns Kirby into exactly these objects and gained new action possibilities.

Heap of skills upgrades

If the Hero sucks on regular opponents, he takes over – as in the past “Kirby” – their special ability. A swallowed knight, for example, makes Kirby himself for a sword swing, while a sucked fire enemy brings the ability to shot fireballs. Important innovation in this context: All twelve talents can be improved for the first time in exchange for well-hidden blueprints, special sternes from additional levels and the everywhere scattered collecting stars at the arms dealer in Waddle-Dees City. From the “discoverer” chirby armed with only one pistol, for example, the “noble explorer”, which is then handled with two handguns.

The skills upgrades are harmoniously influenced in the game concept and primarily lead to the fact that the already quite simple fights can be mastered even faster. This is especially true for the boss duels, the genre connectors typically tick off the first start. It is clearly challenging, it is already there to crack the best-based sights in the treasure search additional level and to master the sometimes very well hidden additional challenges in each main level.

Who likes “Kirby and the Forgotten Land” also completely tackle in two-player coeop mode and, if desired, at any time in the options menu of the regular “wild mode”, switch to “Fresh Breeze Mode”. The latter is aimed primarily at action game beginners and pests Kirby and his Waddle Dee-Koop buddy particularly many life energy points.

Nice animated and earwit over

Technically, “Kirby and the forgotten land” makes a very good figure. The levels are beautiful colorful and packed with loving details, worth seeing effects as well as strong animations. In addition, a soundtrack composed soundtrack, which immediately goes into the ear and underlines the ubiquitous good-mood feel from the first minute. The loading times are limited and the frame rate was in the test – with a few exceptions – nicely liquid. The only movement of downs: The camera can only be restrained to manually restrict.

In most cases, this is not necessary anyway. Every now and then it leads to that some passages fail confusing than they would have to overlook them, among other things, collective objects. You want to play sample first? Then take a look at the free demo version in the Nintendo eShop.

Release: “Kirby and the forgotten country” appeared on March 25, 2022 for Nintendo Switch and has been released from the USK from 6 years. A demo is available in the Nintendo eShop.

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