Al Saga Partners Developed by Al Saga Partners for a popular opponent fighting game “Sausage Legend 2”!

Al Saga Partners Co., Ltd. (Head office: Shibuya-ku, CEO, CEO · CTO: Octoberu), Milk Co., Ltd. : Tani Tani, Taito: Milk Co., Ltd. (Milk) has developed a smartphone app development of “Sausage Legend 2″, and announced that the App Store / Google Play version has been released in February 2022.

Al Saga Partners Co., Ltd. (Head office: Shibuya-ku, CEO, CEO · CTO: Octoberu), Milk Co., Ltd. : Taniga Kitobuta, Turns: Milk) We will develop a smartphone app development of the battle combat game “Sausage Legend 2” and announce that the App Store / Google Play version was released in February 2022.

# About the battle battle game “Sausage Legend 2”

“Sausage Legend 2” operated by Milk is an online battle fighting game that fights and fights with sausages that stabbed fork. It is a topic on TV, and it is a sequel to the popular game “sausage legend” which broke up to 2.8 million dl.

The basic rule is a game for the purpose of cutting the screen with a long press and charging the power and swaying the sausage that sways and swaying, hit the opponent sausage and scraping HP. The movement of sausages is reproduced by physical operation, and the unique gameplay is attractive while expecting movement.

▼ App Store version

▼ Google Play version

# Characteristics of “Sausage Legend 2”

Adding Operation Method

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In addition to the pre-preceding basic operation, the fork is now moved up and down by swipe operation.

# # 3 VS3 deck battle

The battle format has become a bottle battle of 3 VS3 with one VS1 VS1 of the previous work. We could have a deck on your own, and add a strategicity because three sausage deck construction divide the outcome.

# # Add Story Mode

Added story mode that was not in the previous work. Why is a duel with sausages in this country? The mystery will also be revealed. Enjoy a strange and unique world view of the battle with sausages.

# Reactivity of “Sausage Legend 2”

“Sausage Legend 2” released in February 2022 was ranked 5th in IOS Free Game Comprehensive Ranking immediately after release. Other prominent VTUber people deliver game real condition and focused, and users have more echoes.

# Voice of the user

“The previous work was also enjoyed and enjoyed. The favorite of this work is still a story. I think that the background that did not know in the previous work is known, but I just got off the place of mystery game to fight with sausages in a good sense. “

“It was originally a god game, but the bug fixes by Apde, and I think that a balanced banana and a balanced banana, and a balanced environment has disappeared. I was impressed by the attitude. “

“It is a game that feels likely to evolve in funny. The story is still in the middle, but I think it was good to have the content pointed.”

In Al Saga Partners, we will continue to provide DX strategies to successfully lead your business from consulting to develop and operate DX strategies from now on.

# Reference URL

Al Saga Partners “Sausage Legend 2” Production Case

# About Milk Co., Ltd.

Milk is a mobile game development company. We are developing using Unity or UE4. We are good at game development that will be talked about “Sausage Legend” and “Kumato Tomo”.

Company name: Milk Co., Ltd. representative: Valley Chikao: Tokyo City Shinjuku-ku Shinjuku 5-chome 11-30 Shinjuku 5th Bedyama Building 3F established: March 19, 2009 Capital Capital: 3 million yen Business: Mobile game planning and Development and operation web: https: //

# About Al Saga Partners Co., Ltd.

Al Saga Partners is a one-stop DX solution partner with a mission of success in DX businesses across Japan, with a “to create a person, so I can create things.” It has all the features needed to develop IT systems such as IT strategy consulting • UX / UI consulting, planning, engineering design and maintenance operations in onefloor.

The engineer accounts for a direct transaction with a user company in an organization configuration that occupies 90%, and is a motto that does not outsource development work, and it is possible to provide services at appropriate costs. Slogans “the fastest quality”, with the stories of the customer’s DX business, create a new future, and create a new future.

Head office: Shibuya-ku, Kumamoto 1-chome 12th, Kumamoto Studio: Kumamoto City Chuo-ku, Kumamoto City Chuo-ku Representative: Representative Director CEO / CTO CEO / CTO Yasuaki Kozaki City: 2016 1 Monthly capital: ¥ 340 million (as of August 2021): 203 people (as of January 13, 2022) Business contents: One-stop DX solution partner business web: https: //www.arsaga. jp

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