VBL: RB Leipzig brings the German championship title 2022

RB Leipzig honored Leipzig in the group stage on the first day of the finals with the finding of their game. Only 7 out of 18 possible points were retracted on Saturday. The situation in Group B was tight.

The fact that the favorite fed into the semi-finals on Sunday after the final third matchday on Sunday, was mainly due to the opportunity utilization of the SV Werder Bremen, who also collected 12 points, but lost direct comparison against Leipzig. ‘PredatorFifa’ appeared at the 0: 0 against ‘RBLZ_vejrgang’ and again mandatory opportunities, he could not use it. “If you’re thinking much better in the first half as [Anders Vejrgang] and then do not reward you, that’s, of course, it’s bitter for one.”

Topfavorit device to waver, but does not fall

Already in the preliminary round, the emotions cooked high above all in the third game. RB Leipzig fell after a more than grown first day in the last group match against the HSV under Tax. The pressure released in the form of two emotion outbreaks of the boy different ‘RBLZ_vejrgang’ Vejrgang, who could no longer retire after the 1-0 against Steffen ‘Funino’ pounding. After a final score of 1: 1 he left the arena even now.

As always emotionally in the middle of it – otherwise ‘RBLZ_vejrgang’. Viola debtor / ESL

A moment he and the entire team seemingly used as a motivational boost. In double against the HSV, they made the entry into the semifinals as a table second behind the defensive heavily playing FC St. Pauli.

Breakwater Leipzig

The power relations were more clearly distributed in group A. The FC Hansa Rostock just continued where he had stopped in the second half of the VBL. With strong 17 points and the only 9: 0 of the final, the cog seemed to rock as a table forest on the perfect wave gene final. FC Ingolstadt followed with 15 points as a table second. Last year’s master FC Heidenheim ripped as a table in the preliminary round.

But Levy Finn ‘Levyfinn’ Rieck was talking to the euphor’s thrust in conversation with RBLZ Esport: “If we fly out the same tomorrow in the semifinals, we can not buy anything from the 9: 0.”

In the first semi-finals, ‘Levyfinn’ and Henning ‘FCH_Henning’ Wilbusse made the above all in double against ‘RBLZ_UMUT’ and ‘RBLZ_vejrgang’ powerful pressure. The two Rostockers played the early guidance after a dangerous edge in the 16s, which could be used by header to success. Only a later compensation prevented a Leipziger defeat.

Against ‘RBLZ_anders’ found ‘Levyfinn’, one of the best players of the past VBL season, no adequate remedy. Vejrgang held the ball after earlier 1: 0 lead in his ranks and managed the score sovereign over time. In the last match of the first semi-final, ‘FCH_Henning’ did not come beyond a 2: 2. So RB Leipzig became a breakwater of the fantastic Rostock season journey.

The unbraked St. Pauli victory train

Already in the press conference on the final of the VBL Club Championship, St. Pauli made clear, “that they do not drive to Cologne to look at the Rhine.” At the latest after seven of nine games in the group stage to zero, the on-site should have been clear.

With a 6: 1 in double in the second semi-final against Ingolstadt, the Hamburg underlined its ambitions. In the episode, Philipp ‘Eisvogel’ Schermer fought a 1-1 against Mustafa ‘FCSP_Mamti’ Cankal.

A highlight of the final in Cologne was the duel between Kamal ‘FCSP_Kamal’ and Timo ‘Timox’ Siep. In a very fast and technically high quality game, both players found again and again respond to fallen goals. Only in the 81th minute ‘Timox’ forces ‘Timox’ with the 3: 2 the Golden Goal Double for the entry into the final.

This dominated the Ingolst├Ądter after the lost 6: 1 over long stretches sovereign. But a single chance handed the FC St. Pauli to clarify the final feeder. Thus, the Hansest├Ądter after 2021 fought again around the German championship title.

Anders’ power demonstration in the final

The highly competitive semifinals of last year took place with RB Leipzig against St. Pauli a new edition in the final of the Virtual Bundesliga Club Championship.

Leipzig vs. Frankfurt finishes in a scoreless draw | Bundesliga Highlights | ESPN FC

In double honed ‘fcsp_muster’ and ‘fcsp_kamal’ with your opportunity. After the early 1-0 it missed the northern Germans to come to the sack. Leipzig ‘RBLZ_vejrgang’ and ‘RBLZ_UMUT’ use the sudden unsorted defensive to the 1: 1 compensation in the 55th minute.

What followed was a power demonstration of different Vejrgang in singles against ‘FCSP_Mamti’ on the Xbox. After an early 1-0, the Dane was no longer stopped and played in Torlaune. Cankal, which was in the past season in third place of the scorer list and took a total of 22 victories, even raised the arms as if he wanted to ask what he should do. At the end was a 7-0 for the big FIFA talent.

In the final duel, ‘FCSP_Kamal’ tried everything to save the game in the Golden Goal. But two late Goals to the 3: 1 of ‘RBLZ_UMUT’ saw St. Pauli, after the final defeat against Heidenheim 2021, again the crowning conclusion of a class season.

Final underlines importance of offline tournaments

Even the aligning DFL was satisfied with the final of the VBL Club Championship: “For the players it was a great experience and the emotions were at the height during the entire weekend,” says Christian Knoth, product manager of the Virtual Bundesliga. “We clearly see how essential such events are on site for all parties and competition.”

The master of the South East Division RB Leipzig underlined the national ambitions and thus left the StrassRBLZ Base in Cologne as the winner and German FIFA club master 2022. “The title was the goal all the time and we are glad that we are now German masters,” says Richard ‘RBLZ_Gaucho Hormes to the final.

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