To succeed in the digital platform government,

The Digital Platform Government came up with the new national keyword of the next government. Industry-American Ministry of Education, a new government, was necessary to have a strong will and a strong commitment to support the powerful will and a powerful implementation of the president of the National Chief Executive Agency (CEO) to successfully establish the digital platform government. In addition, it is necessary to actively participate in the executing organization of the industry, which know the data, and emphasized that data utilization should be more efficient.

Zudinnet Korea held an emergency discussion of the digital platform government, which was invited by the new government ‘s government’ s governmental government.

On the same day, the discussion of Kim Soo-hee, called the e-government mountain witness, called the Sime Hee Solido SiSiStem, including the Representative of Songhu Chul, the John Platform Business Division, Jang Young-Hwan, Timac Stevé Vice Chairman, NIA) Digital government headquarters attended.

■ “Experts actively participate and opinion”

Professor Sungjin said that the professor of Seoul National University said that it has to be balanced with a balanced manner and a decentralized method for data. “The overall part of the data linkage is necessary,” the general part of the data linkage is necessary, “the teaching professor needs to be achieved,” the overall part of the data linkage is required, ” I need to fit well. ” Especially, she emphasized that he should have a professor of data management in the Blue House or Prime Minister.

The representative of this video data streams claimed that it should be followed by the priority policy to take the digital platform. This representative pointed out that “the highest level experts have to be discussed to make policies, and accurately set the direction of policy, and then establish a data platform government.”

Choi Bae-jun Tilon representative shall be “to combine advanced technology to resolve the challenge for transitioning the e-government to a digital government. For example, for the opening of the private cloud utilization area, the application of the government administrative document, You must combine the meta bus and AI for the sight comprehensive complaint service. ” We have to grant permissions, “he said.

The best representative should be able to consistent with the government, even if the government changes,

“It is necessary to establish a plan in a long term perspective rather than an approach that it should be achieved right now, and a way of approaching the present problem is needed to solve the present problem.”

■ “Data utilization… Requires fundamental integration”

Dick Korea Intelligent Information Society Promotion Agency pointed out that the head of the Digital Government is a fundamental approach to this opportunity. “Currently, the data linking system is not good, and it is unable to utilize the data of different departments well, which will soon be the largest stumbling block for implementing the digital platform government,” said the Data Approach to Data Cloud Based I have to switch, “he said.

Jang Young-hwan, Timac Steve Vice Chair, “The current data is only a physical integration,” the current data is only a physical integration, “said the budget boundaries are clear,

“The current system,” said Kim Soo-hee, “the current system is often a case that data is large,” he said. In order for she to take advantage of data, it is a description that the data should be processed and re-entered again, and it is explained that the efficiency is increased.

Kim said, “I do not simply move the analog method to digital, but it is necessary to change the habits we live completely.” “I think, I do not want to be issued as a one-stop, but I have to create an environment that does not need to be issued at all. “

(Learn more about the review is published on 29th.)

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