Unsportant and unfair: Saarbrücken announces legal action

“We will use all legal possibilities to prevent this unsportsful and unfair action of the dot abscess,” said the FCS with the SID.

Because all previous Turkish cu games fall from the rating, the ascent aspirant loses six points \ – as the only third division. In the new table, he slips from the ascent relegation place in fourth place. Behind it, the competition also moved closer.

“The so-called insolvency rules, which are now used, are intolerable and need to be amended both in sportier and economic terms,” ​​the Saarbrücker continues to have in its opinion: “It can not be that clubs are being punished without damage that others are punished Have operated clubs under the supervision of the DFB mismanagement. “

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FCS sees reconnaissance needs

The mere reference of the DFB “on formaljuristic regulations” is not sufficient to clarify responsibilities on the part of the association and cover the need for information arising through the bankruptcy “.

In addition, it could not be reversed, for example, by the TurkGücü-duhlle.

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