Nexon Owen Mahoney CEO Feel the sense of mission to achieve the dream of Kim Jung-jus founder

Nexon Owen Mahoney (Owen Mahoney) CEO released the “Annual Message to Nexon Shareholders” through the blog medium (Medium). Through this shareholder, Owen Mahooni CEO announced the future of Nexon’s future plan for the late Kim Jongju founder. According to the article, the core of Nexon will focus on the future is “Giant Virtual World Development”.

First, Owen Mahoi CEO remained the late Kim Jung-ju founder. Owen Ma Hani CEO said, “The founder was the most unique that I was originally accident in the people I met,” said Nexon Member is in a deep sadness.. The dream is to make Nexon as the most outstanding entertainment company in the world. “

And I said Nexon’s plan for this. Nexon continues its steady efforts to expand its business area, which is to pursue a steady growth in the virtual world △ Developing a new virtual world, which includes technology development, there is.

But these Nexon’s principles often said they are often when they are in a variety of trends that look color. Owen Mahoi CEO, said, “There is no inquiry related to Nexon’s metabus and VR strategy, but they are not interested in the investment of Nexon for the development and operation of a huge virtual world. However, It is a direct help on business size and growth. “

According to Owen Mahoni CEO, Nexon has been doing several investments for the future. △ Tools for the operation of the virtual world △ Intellectual property (IP) required for the development of virtual worlds △ Intellectual property (IP) △ One directional interface (IP) △ Investment to access to entertainment △ Encryption startups for entertainment △ Investment in external personnel strengthening It is continuing.

“The Future – It’s Bigger and Weirder than You Think –” by Owen Mahoney, NEXON CEO

In the concrete case mentioned in the article, investment in ‘Embark Studios’, $ 40 percent of Hollywood Studio AGBOs, “Warhammer: Age of Sigma> License Agreement, Investment on the Blonde Fund There is.

And Owen Mahoi CEO said, “I have made a lot of investment, but the proportion of the total cash assets of Nexon” is a micrimish, “he added,” I thought it was necessary to maintain a healthy financial condition to capture the possibly investment opportunity. “

Nexon’s new development of Nexon, which is linked to Nexon’s fundamental goal of ‘New Giant Virtual World Development’. , , is a representative project.

In addition, we plan to launch more virtual worlds within 1-2 years. , which is the second game of the Embark Studio, is scheduled to be mobile. In addition, it has not been announced yet, but it explained that there are many titles in the development of the development. Owen Mahoney CEO said, “I think that the effort for the past three years, will return to a great fruit this year, next year and later.”

Finally, Owen Ma Hani CEO said, “The most effective way to explore the changes in the changing world is, and the principle is prioritized, and is not falling in the crowd psychology.” This is the spirit of the late Kim Jongju founder since 1994, where he has established Nexon. Owen Mahoi CEO said, “I expressed a deep gratitude to your attention to Nexon.”

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