How to get a title of Gamsha in Destiny 2 – Hyde in the triumph of Queen witches

The title Gumshoe is the newest title that you can get in Destiny 2. To get this title, you need to jump through a few hubs (not literally!) There are several actions that you need to execute in to get this title. Here is the whole list:

  • Team World Collector
    • Trophy from the Throne World: Earn all the necessary items that you see under the icon of the Throne World on the Collection tab.
  • Master of Truth
    • Complete any mission of the Queen Witch Campaign at the Master’s complexity level.
  • Friend

    • Get all the awards for ranks from Finch, a merchant in the throne world.
  • Throne hardware

    • Create all 9 types of weapons that can be found in the task source and in the throne world. You will need to extract DeepSight Resonance from all this weapons to be able to create it.
  • report: REVERSE-LURE
    • Complete the Mission “Report: Reverse Attractiveness” in Destiny 2. It can be obtained on an evidence board in Anklav on Mars.

FAST & EASY GUMSHOE TITLE GUIDE - 100% - Destiny 2 Witch Queen

  • about queens and worms
    • Perform an exotic quest “On Queen and Wives”. You will receive this quest, as soon as you complete the main campaign.
  • lepidopterologist
    • Collect all 10 transparent moths in the throne world in Destiny 2.
  • Do not pry
    • Close all 10 Darkness faults in the throne world in Destiny 2.

Performing all these tests will open the title of Gumsho for you. Although it does not give you an additional strengthening from the point of view of strength or characteristics, you can use it to expose the fact that you have achieved skill in the Queen Witch campaign. Good luck, keeper.

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