28% YoY in the previous year,

The one-storey announced that the annual transaction was exceeded the annual transaction for 25 days and 2021.

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The one-storey recorded 1,131.9 billion won last year, which is 28% higher than the previous year, and that the transaction amount was doubled in three years since 2018.

As a result, the one-store sales exceeded W200bn in six years of Changsha, and 38% YoY. EBITDA (corporate tax, interest, depreciation costs) are expected to be 8 billion won for 3 consecutive weeks.

In particular, game sales increased by 31.3% to 2020, and Devs Sisters ‘Cookie Run: Kingdom’, Nexon ‘Blue Archive’, Kuga Games ‘Three Kingdoms Strategy Edition’. One-store cross-platform service, ‘One GameLoop’, a beta service, has a cumulative payment of 12.8 billion won in the six months, and last year, the New Diablo Emortal ‘pre reservation was initiated at the end of last year.

In the shopping field, I opened a specialty of Nintendo, Logitech, Playstations, Cursement, and strengthened gaming gear shopping channel competitiveness. The one-storee offers discount coupons, gifts, etc. with the latest devices, and recorded early sales in special execution.

Market influence is gradually increasing. Big Data Platform Corporate Iwaks is a mobile index that presents the App Market’s 3-company deals, and the one-storee was ranked 2nd in the second largest market share of the domestic app market last year.

“The one-storey one-store representative is a game changer that changes the market by winning the developer and monopoly of the global app market,” he said. ” As the year was attracting attention, we will focus on the capacity of the one-store in the global market challenge. “

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