One-stage 21 year annual transaction amount exceeded 1 trillion won. 28% growth last year

App Market One Store Co., Ltd., which serves a variety of mobile content such as games, apps, and storyturtures, renewed the maximum earnings of 14Q11, and has exceeded the annual transaction of 2021.

The one-storey has achieved a transaction of 1,131.9 billion won last year and achieved about 28% of the previous year’s $ 884.5 billion. In the first three years since 2018, which is the first time in 2018, which has been investigated for win-win, the company has become increasingly twice since 2018. Sales have reached W214.2bn to 2,000 billion won in the Changsha, and a 38% of high growth compared to W155.2bn in the previous year. In addition, EBITDA (corporate tax, interest, depreciation costs),

The one-store market has grown into a company that represents a global app market and a valid competition that is the only app market that represents Korea and the only one, which represents Korea, and the only global app market, which represents Korea and the first world.

The influence of the market is increasingly increasing. Big Data Platform Corporate Izai Works, according to the ‘Mobile Inadedex’, which is estimated to estimate the two-app market, and the one-store is about 13.8% of the domestic app market last year, and the Global App Market He kept the position of the seat. The app market industry in the App Market industry, which broke the proprietary structure, is a market coordinator to meet the monopoly of the global company.

In the 2021, the one-storey won a good performance in all areas including games, apps, storyturits and shopping. In addition, since last August ‘Global Multi OS Content Platform’, it has been achieving the company’s vision, and it is velocity in the expansion of the market by preparing for overseas markets.

Trading Losses – reliefs in current tax year, carry back - ACCA Taxation TX-UK lectures
Sales in 2021 in the game sector of the one-storee’s flagship business increased by 31.3% from 2020. During the year, Devs Sisters ‘Cookie Run: King’, Nexon’s ‘Blue Archive’, and Kuga Games ‘Three Kingdoms Strategy Edition’, and the ‘Three Kingdoms Strategy Edition’ have been outstanding in the One Store. In recent years, a ‘One GameLoop’, a one-store cross-platform service, has been leading the Cross-platform service market with a cumulative payment of 12.8 billion won in about six months of initiation of beta service. In addition, last year, in order to attract the first year, it is expected to grow in front of the strategic partnership with Blizzard Entertainment and initiating the pre-reservation of Diablo® Immortal ™ ‘.

Story and shopping sector grow rapidly. Last year, the first time the game has increased by 55.7% YoY. Especially in 2021, he focused on strengthening the capacity of the storyturtique. The one-store is expanding its business to the extent from the production of the content, and the Story Contents Total Value Cherry, up to the original source multius (OSMU). For this purpose, the Local Locke Media acquisition of the Lock Media, the first place in China, the first place in the webtun platform, the establishment of the investment, Yes 24 and the Studio Yesuwon. In addition, we are actively being able to secure the source IP, such as providing the “Web novel Competition” and providing the recruitment statement to the new personnel and promoting webtooning of the award content. In addition, the existing ‘One Store Books’ is newly introduced into the ‘One Story’ and enhances the expansion of the content business, such as strengthening customer service.

In the shopping field, ‘Nintendo’, ‘Logitech’, “Playstation”, “Cursement”, and enhanced gaming gear professional shopping channel competitiveness. The one-storee has loved many of gamers, including discount coupons, gifts, including the latest devices, and records a variety of benefits such as gifts and recorded early full sales of goods in several special executions.

The apps have been promoting the benefits of abundant benefits for the entry app. ‘Wavve (Wavve),’ Flo (FLO), ‘Africa TV’, etc. Point of Points on Point Payment, “Samsung F & A” Proceed.

“The one-storey one-store representative is a game changer that changes the market by winning the developer and monopoly of the global app market,” he said. ” As the year was attracting attention, we will focus on the capacity of the one-store in the global market challenge. “

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