Romans: Age of Caesar

Firefly Studios has already sent you to a journey through time at the Middle Ages Burgenspiel Stronghold Kingdoms, now the next historical adventure follows. In the online game Romans: Age of Caesar Let’s go back to the Roman Empire.

Romans: Age of Caesar Explained - Episode #1 (City Building)
Granted, but this does not correspond to the truth, because you start in an area that is first to turn into a city.

Only in the team succeeds the project

In the MMO Romans: Age of Caesar try thousands of players on a continent to rebuild the old ROM. Together with your up to 15 allies you are responsible for a city, which should be built piece by piece. The gameplay follows the principle of classic representative of the construction strategy games. You collect resources that are indispensable for your progress and operate trading with other players or trying to establish efficient trade routes. But you expect even more…

Peace? Not in Romans: Age of Caesar!

However, the strategy game is not peaceful in the strategy game, so you should not only devote yourself to the urban planning, but also to attack defense systems and put a powerful army on the legs. Again and again it comes in Romans: Age of Caesar to Barbarian invasions – and again you have to defend your city. This not only causes thrills, but also strengthens the cohesion of up to 16 players per city.

Cross platform: playable on the PC and mobile

The free-to-play MMO Romans: Age of Caesar is the spiritual successor of Stronghold Kingdoms. To give you the gaming experience everywhere and anytime, it is a cross-platform title, so you can start your detour to the Roman Empire, for example, on the PC, and interrupt at any time to continue on the smartphone or tablet – and the other way around.

Now to the website of Romans: Age of Caesar!

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