Juventus Turin: Association leader Gabriele Gravina threatens exclusion from the series A

Juventus Turin threaten for further attempts to revive the super League failed last year, draconian punishments. This announced Gabriele Gravina, the president of the Italian Football Association.

“If the planned new contract becomes reality, Juventus would be out of the series A. The Super League is the wrong answer to a real need,” Gravina said the Italian daily la repubblica.

Juventus, apparently, soon wants to introduce revised plans of the project failed in the past year together with the FC Barcelona and Real Madrid.

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“Juve Could be Relegated” | The Recent Investigations into Juve & Other Italian Clubs EXPLAINED

In the spring of 2021, twelve European top clubs had introduced plans for a Super League outside the UEFA competitions and put together massive criticism. While the English teams distanced little later from the controversial ideas, initiators Juventus, Real and Barca did not fully ad act days.

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